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We have a group of well qualified and experienced technicians to fulfill all kind of security cam system installation and maintenance service requirements in Abu Dhabi-UAE. We are not only engaged in install new CCTV cameras but also facilitating upgrading or maintain our existing installed systems. Our mission is to enable an error free security service in Abu Dhabi and All Across UAE. No worry about the size of your property, our experts can help you supply your requirements.  we are considered as one of the very best CC tv Camera system supplier and installer in Abu Dhabi -UAE. Our experts will carefully listen to your specific requirements and guide you with the suggestions which is really beneficial for you based on the requirement you demanded and size of the property. We offer you the maximum utility of your money by offering CCTV installation and maintenance service with at most care and accuracy.  Our well experienced specialists are always ready to assist you at any time for any type of CCTV installation and maintenance service in Abu Dhabi

Why CCTV Camera is Important?

A security camera also referred to as CCTV (Closed Circuit Television), always an extra pair of eyes. The demand for CCTV has been on the rise in recent years and is not only a security feature owned by a business, but also by house owners bases on the size of the home and valuables they have. Crime is on the rise, be it home or office, the only way out is to build a security fence around yourself and your belongings as an extra security, this is where the need for security precautions comes into play. The truth is that having a reliable CCTV Camera is a very good practical option because as an extra pair of eyes it can give you upper hand when it comes to safety. CCTV cameras come in several modes and quality. Just Rerecording only, recording with sound, hidden cameras etc. Functionality and efficiency of the equipment used is as important as installing system cameras. Here is the role of Accord technologies. We are one of the best CCTV cameras installers in Abu Dhabi no worry about the type, weather it is a domestic CCTV installation, commercial CCTV installation, public CCTV installation or retail CCTV installation we can serve you with all types of installation in Abu Dhabi

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Wireless CCTV Camera

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Security has always been of concern to home-Business owners; safeguarding against theft and burglary and other kinds of malicious behavior is more important than ever. Wireless Security Cameras for Home-business give you a perfect solution to keep your house property safe and secure without the hassles of wires. The main advantage of these cameras are the ease to install and being able to remotely watch the live feed from your smart phone from anywhere in the world.

Some of the features are:

  • No wires: This allows you to place your camera in any location you would like without having to worry about connecting it to an outlet. It helps to monitor the premises discreetly.
  • Easy installation: The installation process is really easy as you don’t have to deal with any wires. Even you can change the direction of the camera easily after installation.
  • Flexibility: Wireless cameras are extremely flexible compared to any other type of camera. This camera is considered to more flexible as it can be placed anywhere according to your desire, move it around without any extra wires and also program it with a wide array of setting.
  • Long Distance Coverage: The main camera has a powerful signal pickup strength, the receiver can be anywhere in range between 700 feet to ten miles.
  • Less Expensive: The cost involved in wireless cameras are relatively less as they are easy to install and does not deal with any wires.

Bullet Camera

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Bullet Cameras are shaped like a rifle or a big lipstick case. Bullet surveillance cameras are usually installed outdoors at a certain position and aiming at a certain direction like a barrel of guns. Lets take a look at the Advantages of Bullet Security cameral.

Some models of Bullet cameras are packed with IR night vision or other advanced technologies like optical zoom, motion sensors or thermal sensors. Bullet cameras are capable of WIFI connections and apart from that it can also be embedded with a micro SD card for storage of the recorded data. It could be mounted on wall, soffit, under the eave, or even on the overhang of the roof, making it a flexible option to install.  Many homeowners are embroiled in zoning disputes or border conflict with neighbors, or deeply tormented by unauthorized cutting through private property by strangers or passers-by, prompting them to look for brand spanking new security measures within the type of security cameras which helps in reducing the risks. The bullet surveillance cameras, is one of the best choice for surveillance for property or business even without an ultra wide field of view.

Dome Camera

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Dome cameras are circular in shape and it is one of the most commonly used camera for indoor and outdoor protection. The shape of the camera makes it hard for offender to know which way it is faced, which discourages the offender by creating an air of uncertainty.

Dome cameras are also are also generally durable and protect from vandalism to a certain level as the camera lens is protected. Dome cameras are mostly used indoors in places such as restaurants, schools, gas stations, hospital and libraries. Due to its all around versatile design it does not require an additional lens, making it easy for business looking to scale coverage easily and quickly.

Types of Dome cameras

  • PTZ Dome Camera: Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras are used to cover a large area as it has the capability of remotely adjusting the zoom and direction of the lens. It is ideal for parking lots or guard stations.
  • Outdoor Dome Camera: It can be used to discourage vandalism, theft and capture footage of suspicious behavior. These cameras comes equipped with night vision feature, it is also weatherproof and waterproof making it more durable.
  • PoE Dome Camera: Power over Ethernet (PoE) Dome Camera, is a plug and plug dome camera which is easy to install. It require a single Ethernet cable to power up the camera and connect it to the network making it one of the easiest to install without any additional wires.
  • 4K Dome Camera: 4K dome cameras are mainly used indoors which require high resolutions and more attention to detail. 4K dome cameras are useful for high end retail stores to blend into the surrounding and monitor the environment. It records videos at higher resolution making the images and video much clearer.
  • Dome CCTV: Closed Circuit Television Cameras are security cameras that rely on recording the videos into a DVR or NVR. These are considered as a safe solution to keep the recorded data safe.

Thermal CCTV

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A thermal camera was mainly used by firefighters to see beyond smoke, dark, or heat permeable barriers. As covid hit us, thermal cameras became an integral part for every business. The Economic Department of the Government urges every shopping malls, stores, pharmacies and more facilities which deal with the general public to install thermal cameras at their entrance. With advanced technology, (Name) cameras are among the best in the market for thermal cameras. With the help of thermal cameras you can check all incoming persons for an elevated body temperature.

Thermal cameras have advantages of having an advanced detector, self protection mechanism, proprietary imaging effects and stable long-distance transmission.  These thermal cameras use IR lights which are invisible to the naked eyes and capture all the variations instantly.

Accord Technologies is a leading supplier of thermal camera systems in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. As a supplier of thermal cameras, we provide thermal cameras for any kinds of use, for example, surveillance, fire detection, gas leak detection, unwanted pests, medical uses and much more. With state of the art technology and built to last any harsh environment the Thermal cameras are a really good choice of any kind of problems.

The advantages of thermal cameras:

  • Cost and Time effective: The camera can collect temperature and data from multiple individual at the same time, which can be a boon in busy areas.
  • Overcome visual limitations: Thermal cameras can overcome all natural occurring visual obscurants as thermal radiation passes through all those.
  • Fewer false alarms: Thermal cameras are often considered much more efficient in business surveillance and protection scenarios, because they help reduce the number of false alarms. This is done by using advanced analytics software that can perform at high caliber.

Vandal Proof Cameras

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Vandal Proof cameras are protected with a metal housing to protect the camera lens when there is any physical misuse. Vandal proof cameras are used in surveillance for high security areas such airports, warehouses, banks, cash points, jeweler, hotels and other retail locations.

Vandal Proof cameras can be a strong protection against theft or can be helpful for law enforcement officers to assess the crime scene easily and apprehend the suspects to recuperate taken property. Vandal proof cameras can also be protecting your houses against any unforeseen theft and other activities; it has been proven to be one of the best ways to protect your property.

Advanced vandal proof cameras can be ideal for your business and property to protect it against any potential criminal activities, without being worried about the lens of the camera being vandalized. A vandal proof camera is intended to shield itself from criminals and robbers, who are equipped with wide variety of tools to abstain from getting captured in the camera. To guarantee your camera stays safe and your business is protected, install vandal proof cameras for better, long lasting surveillance.

Vandal proof cameras have become an essential part when choosing a security for your business. They make you feel safe knowing that your security cameras are reliable, tough and can withstand any vandalism. This camera can start to function its own when it registers something out of the ordinary, such as an intruder. What’s more is that, you can control your camera remotely through your smart phone.

In case of a criminal activity, if the camera has been damaged as it was not a vandal proof camera, you will not be able to produce enough evidentiary video towards the law enforcement. So choosing a camera for your business or property is very important, consider a vandal proof camera installed by qualified professionals to have maximum protection and peace of mind.

Night vision

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Night vision cameras are unavoidable in any successful home or business security system. Night vision security cameras can capture the images in a low-lit to totally dim conditions. These cameras will facilitate the consider the advantages of night vision security cameras with an IR illuminator, which permit you to see obviously what is happening on outside your entryways and windows.

The cameras with night vision are highly capable, functional, durable and cost effective when it comes to business and property security. You will now never have to stress out with bad quality images or non visibility during night. With night vision cameras you can even monitor your property when it is even pitch black outside.


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