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Is anyone nowadays not using mobile and internet? The fact is that there is not. So is the use of social media? there is no one who has not used any social media platform. There are many platforms available, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, YouTube, Tik Tok and so on are examples. Wherever you look Stories, posts, Hashtags Tweets, Selfies, status updates, Shares, Likes, Tagging, following etc., how can you create a clear identity in this ocean of crowd? This is where the need for a social Media Marketing Agency with experience and planning excellence comes into play. You Can Leave all your worries on the responsible shoulder of a best Social Media Marketing Agency. Acord can help you enhance the brand identity of your business, bring products and services to the target audience and make them your customers. for every client in Abu Dhabi and All across UAE this is what Accord do exactly as a Best Social Media agency or company.  Social Media Marketing Abu Dhabi |SEO Agency in Abu Dhabi | Best Social Media Agency in Abu Dhabi

Do You Know?

Without a brand name or establishment, itself there are many influencers in the social media. They are not film stars of any leaders or professional, they are one among common people, do you ever think about the reason? It is simply because of their efforts and understanding of what exactly they can and what exactly audience looking for. 

Benefits of using social media for Business

Understanding The social platform can help you fulfill your social media marketing goals. in another word if you approach a Well experienced or a best social media agency you can trust will help you in a better way to reach your goals.

Brand awareness

survey reports are the proof that users accepting that they discover new products on the social media. Nearly the half of population using social media, which means you have opportunities to reach them better if you have a better understanding of social media and strategy to implement.

Stay top of mind

Most of the users use their social media accounts at least once in a day. You can attract your followers or create new followers If you can engage them with the informative and entertaining posts, this can help you to present yourself, thus, keeping your brand in top of user’s mind can helps to increase their interest of purchases from you.

Inexpensive, Fast and effective way to reach the audience

Do you believe? more than 3.8 Billion of people are using social networks across the world. People re using this not only for updating status or creating friends but also for engage with their interested brands too. More than following a celebrity people are following brands. Statistics shows more than 78 percent of people follow at least one brand in social media.

Increase the volume of website traffic

Social media can be beneficial for your web traffic. Updating engaging posts regularly in social media can leads the viewers to your website page and improve your traffic, in another way sharing interesting contents from your website or blog to your connected social media platforms can drive more traffic to your website

Generate Leads

Social media is one of the sources from a business can generate more leads because it allows the potential customers to express or show their interest on your product and services. Leads are one of the most precious elements for a business.  leads can help you generate new customers, obviously that is what a business exactly needs.

Boost sales

Distance From general audience to your customers list is quiet far but to make it easy, social media can help you. Social media is one of the crucial parts in your sales funnel- the practice through which audience becomes customers.

Audience Targeting

Social media knowns for the inexpensive way to promote your business. the reason is that you have the privilege to show your contents only Infront of your right audience. Excluding inappropriate audience can save money, same time precision of your audience targeting will help you promote your business in the right community. You can target based on their location, age, gender, interest, behavior etc.


Most of the People adding products to their cart but due to many reasons they have not performing the transaction. A good amount of online shopping cart is abandoned.  Whatever be the reason, these peoples are very precious for a business.  peoples visit your site, browse your products and services and added into cart what they need, which means they are interested in your product and potential customers. Almost the 80 % of the sales funnel is completed. Using the tools, you can retarget only this list of people and you can show them exactly what they have added into card and easily push them to complete the purchase action